Altar Serving

You’ve probably seen them at Mass, at the altar, helping the priest to keep the Mass running smoothly. Their ages range from seven upwards. Have you ever thought of becoming an altar server yourself?

Here are some reasons you might want to become an altar server:

  • You will learn about the Mass, and the interesting meanings of all the symbols and rituals.
  • By focusing and understanding what’s going on, the Mass can lead you into a much deeper relationship with God.
  • You will meet some fantastic friends of different ages and experiences.
  • You will learn important skills like communication, teamwork, perceiving what needs to be done and doing it, punctuality, self-confidence and much more.
  • When you take up a responsibility at Mass you start to recognise more and more people in the church in general. This changes your experience of the church community from a group of strangers you stand next to at Mass to a large family you meet and speak to, making you feel truly at home in your church.
  • Altar serving leads you to a greater and deeper understanding of and relationship with God. This is a good way to discern your vocation – the plan God has for your life.
  • You will gain a greater appreciation of the priesthood. By getting to know the priest you work with you will fully appreciate his human side while also appreciating the sacramental grace he has been given in holy orders.

If you have made your First Communion and would like to become an altar server, please speak to your parents and let Fr Martin or Fr Stephen know.