St Joseph’s Harrison & Harrison installed by the renowned Durham organ-builders in 1903

St Joseph’s is home to a pipe organ constructed and installed by the renowned Durham organ-builders, Harrison & Harrison, in 1903. In 2019, the organ’s historic status was recognised by the British Institute of Organ Studies with a Certificate of Historic Listing (Grade II).

The Organ Restoration Project was initiated in the same year. Its aim is concise: to ensure that this historic organ is available to support the worship of future generations of parishioners and to enhance the public profile of such a significant representative of the local and, indeed, national heritage.

The cost of restoration is £100,000. This is a sum which will be met by means of a series of much appreciated grants from relevant awarding bodies as well as through the generous contributions of the parishioners, friends and supporters of St Joseph’s parish.

Here you will find a list of our funders as well as other relevant links, including further information on the history and significance of the organ and a short video which offers not only views of the organ but also an opportunity to hear its characteristic sound, so familiar to generations of St Joseph’s parishioners.
If you would like to support St Joseph’s Organ Restoration Project, please contact the parish at with your enquiry.

Informative Links

A Brief History and Appreciation of St Joseph’s 1903 Harrison & Harrison pipe organ (Click Here)
Harrison & Harrison Pipe Organ 1903 – Video (Click Here) note, this link will take you to YouTube
Organ Recitals Schedule (Click Here)
Sponsor A Pipe Information Sheet (Click Here)

Our Benefactors

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following individuals and organisations:

Scotland’s Churches Trust

Suburban Taverns Charitable Trust

The William Syson Foundation

The Pilgrim Trust

The Levenseat Trust

Viridor Credits

and everyone who has supported the Organ Restoration Project in any way.

Our Patrons

The Organ Restoration Project has two distinguished patrons:

Martin Baker

Sir James MacMillan

Organ Restoration Fund total to date


A LINK TO THE NATIONAL PIPE ORGAN REGISTER can be found here, offering a chance to review the specification (stop-list) of the organ:

The National Pipe Organ Register (Click Here)