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Location First Reading, Second Reading,
Intercessory Prayers
Eucharistic Ministers Altar Servers Children’s Liturgy
St Joseph’s
Saturday 20th July
6.00 pm
A Davidson, J Rameckers,
H Matthews
H Wilson (Hosts), V Burns,
R Heron, F Donachie, M Sharp
Julia, Sofie, Ben, Joseph Children in Church
St Matthew’s
Sunday 21st July
K Ainsworth, C Bias, F Boyle,
Cantor – D Gillion
A M Gilmour, F Stacey,
C Devlin, L Johnstone,
P Sloan
St Joseph’s
Sunday, 21st July
11.00 am
H Murphy, T Murphy,
C Hawthorne
A Neil (Hosts), P Coyle,
J Shields, I Love, R Murphy
Nik, Dominika, Luca, PJ, Marilyn Children in Church
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Sunday 21st July
J Campbell, S Clark A Shearer, L Shearer,
F McCann