Catholic Schools Kilmarnock

The Catholic Churches of Kilmarnock are committed to spiritual formation, academic distinction, and social responsibility in a Catholic tradition, wherein all persons are called to witness and reflect the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We support the following schools:

St Joseph’s Academy Kilmarnock

Our mission is to make our Catholic school a community of faith and a centre of excellence in learning and teaching where all members of our community may develop their talents and abilities to the full.

Contact St Joseph’s Academy
+44 1563 526144

Mount Carmel Primary Kilmarnock

Our school ethos is underpinned by the Catholic Faith and based on equality of opportunity and putting our faith into action by promoting the Gospel values. St Andrew’s Primary promotes positive behaviour through a variety of initiatives, primarily we operate a house system called ‘Reach for the Stars’.

Contact Mount Carmel Primary School
+44 1563 525897

St Andrew’s Primary Kilmarnock

Contact St Andrew’s Primary and Early Childhood Centre
+44 1563 549549

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